About the UGC Unit

Duties And Responsibilities: The office of the Coordinator, UGC unit deals with the U.G.C.  Section of A.U. Central Administration office, where correspondence with the University Grants Commission, New Delhi for sanction and release of grants for implementing various Schemes/Programmes of U.G.C is made.   The activities the staff are dealing with in detail, are as follows.
  1. Major &  Minor Research Projects (Undertaken by the University teachers)
  2. SAP Programmes undertaken by the Departments in the  thrust area identified by U.G.C.
  3. ASIHS / ASIST Programmes undertaken by the Departments where SAP exists.
  4. Implementation of U.G.C. Schemes, like 
    • Centre for Women Studies 
    • Children Day Care Centre 
    • TEPSE/HEPSN (for disabled persons)
    • Area Studies Programme
    • Computer Upgradation
    • Inflibnet (Library Network System)
    • Infonet (India-wide Universities internet connectivity)


For UGC guidelines, visit the UGC Website : www.ugc.ac.in

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