College Development Council (CDC)

As the number of affiliated colleges is growing year by year, the UGC felt that there is an urgent need for creating an appropriate body at the university headquarters for ensuring the proper planning and integrated development of affiliated colleges and to provide the colleges necessary help and guidance. Thus the College Development Council (CDC) was evolved in Andhra University during the year 1986. The establishment of the CDC with the active and willing participation of various academic and administrative constituents, as envisaged by the UGC, is a welcome step in the direction of improvement of standards of higher education. The main function of CDC is to serve as an academic guide to the college system on the one hand and on the other to ensure interaction between academic faculties in the university departments and teachers in the colleges.  The CDC also conducts meetings with the Principals of affiliated colleges to appraise them and elicit suggestions with regard to the functioning of the CDC. In this regard, the CDC also consults different bodies of the university for the promotion, coordination and raising the standards of education in colleges. It also acts as a regulatory body in regard to proper planning and integrated development of colleges and furnish such information to the UGC and other bodies; advice the university on all matters relating to development of affiliated colleges, such as provision of adequate facilities – academic and physical – for raising the standard of learning, teaching and research and its periodic evaluation for enabling the university to maintain reasonable continuity of policy in regard to development of colleges. It also evaluates and assesses the impact of UGC grants utilized by the colleges for the implementation of various development projects in addition to various functions like reviewing the inspection reports of New Colleges as well as existing colleges and suggest remedies for the defects and irregularities reported.


Dean : Prof. B.Bharatha Lakshmi

Associate Dean : Prof. V.V.Basava Kumar

Contact :  91-891-2753222, 2844122 - 91-891-2754587

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